Five best on page seo tactic

Search engine optimization

URL rewriting

I had done many project URL rewriting is most important part that make sure your website is index as a quality web pages. I have watched many websites their URL is simple html. Keep in mind when we talk about search engine recommendation it announces everywhere convert your simple page to dynamic pages.

WWW Resolve

When you have created websites you have two index page that help you to rank in your targeted search engine. One is www second is without www every website created for business purpose people don’t like to spend enough money without any benefit. If you have knowledge hot to do it then you can stop from duplicate back links.

XML Sitemap

Site map decrease algorithm effort and tell him how many changes are do now a days. It is format of XML you need to upload a simple page with xml extension. Algorithm first check you all changes in site map. If you don’t created don’t waste your time upload one files.

Blog Posting

After announcement of content marketing blog importance increase day by day. You have good Plate-form can post technical article in a simple English phrases. Now everyone interested for learning on posting of blog. If you have posted quality blog for user your bounce rate will be increase and search engine give you plus point.

Page Size

Small page of length help to quick crawling experts said search engine have limited time to cache webpages. I looked a lots of dynamic pages have comment and spaces that increase the page size that is not good for marketing point of views.