Swindon Rialtas software agency has been acquired by Harris Computing

Swindon Rialtas software agency has been acquired by Harris Computing

Harris Computing, a global software program provider for vertical markets based primarily in Canada, has acquired Wiltshire-based software program company Rialtas Business Solutions.

Rialtas has been providing a variety of accounting and management software to its many municipal, departmental and municipal customers for over two and a half years. Their software offers help with any municipal accounting, big or small, asset inventory, managing asset reservations and much more.

It's another addition to the burgeoning portfolio of the acquirer of the Ottawa headquarters of software company Harris. They have grown significantly in recent years in business, utilities, education, government, and healthcare. Harris now owns more than 180 companies in more than 20 industries around the world.

Steve Hammond is Head of Portfolios at Harris UK. Here's what he says about the acquisition: “We're excited to continue to buy world-class accounting software that serves our communities. Rialtas is a perfect match for our UK based operations and can continue to dominate all of England and Wales. We will take great care of what Rialtas has built over the past 26 years.

Caroline Buckland, Managing Director of Rialtas, said, “Rialtas is a market leader in account options and local government management. I am pleased that Harris has acquired Rialtas to advance the business and continue its growth. Harris has given Rialtas, its employees and its customers an endless home.

Main image courtesy of: Harris Computing/Rialtas Business Solutions

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