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Textile Vision

Textile Vision is a textile designing software that helps to create designs for Weaving and Printing applications. Textile vision is a power packed tool to explore a simple pattern in different dimensions. This software helps designers to create any type of complex patterns and designs within minutes, which otherwise take long hours or even days. The software user need not be an expert in computer environment nor a real designer, software is very easy to use that any one with a little knowledge of design and with some creativity can operate and perform wonders. This software is design to achieve absolutely on "WYIiEYG(what you imagine is exactly you get) "approach.

  • Image Manipulation
  • Polygon Transformations
  • Color Separation
  • Color Reduction
  • Basic Drawing Tools (Line,Polygons, Beizers, Pencil)
  • Weaving
  • Yarn Consumption Calculations
  • Frame Plan
  • Weave Preview
  • Touch Screen support

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