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History and Features of Forum Posting and Social Bookmarking

Both are use for getting back links. These are big techniques that use in Search Engine Optimization according to their rules and specifications by search engines.

(1)   History Of Forums

Forum Function started from 1970 for Discussion about networking.  In 1994 forums available online for general public and technical professionals.

(2)   What is Forum?

Forum is a public discussion place, People ask their problems and many other register members and experts replay their question with some relevant information. As per today’s research millions of people posting their problems and millions of experts answering their questions on different topics.

(3)   What are the General benefits of Forum Posting?

Forum posting gives you an opportunity to share your brand or other relevant information on different forums, and share anything without restriction.

(4)   Benefits Of Forum Posting in SEO

Now a day’s most of the companies shifting from paid campaign to organic strategy. Forum posting is a very important technique in organic SEO for getting good back links.  Forums have many features but here I am going to define few important ones only.

  • Profile Links
  • Signature Link
  • Visitor Links
  • Image Links

You can get these kind of links easily using forum posting.

Popular forums for SEO Learning.

  • www.seoforum.org
  • www.seochat.com
  • www.searchengineforums.com/
  • www.searchengineforums.com/
  • www.sitepoint.com/

There are other top notch forums for becoming an expert in Search Engine Optimization. But this is beyond the scope of this article.

(1)   History Of Social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Started in 2003.  When we talk about Social bookmarking history Delicious is a pioneer of social bookmarking.

(2)   What is Social Bookmarking?

Bookmarking is a consolidated web service for people to add their personal Document and online Page Sharing with their Details and product information.

(3)   What are the general benefits of Social Bookmarking?

Now a days most of the people use these sites to save their important data/ documents / web sites book marks for future use. When I started SEO I created my Delicious account and since then I always save my all important links on Delicious, whenever I need anything for my reference any time then I use my bookmarks on these social bookmarking sites.

(4)   Benefits of Social Bookmarking in SEO

Social Bookmarking is quick responsive techniques for approved link to your site. Within few minutes you can check your links publish in their database. If you want to get early back links then you should start your search engine optimization campaign using Social bookmarking as a first choice to promote your business rapidly.

(5)   Famous Social bookmarking sites

  • www.stumbleupon.com/
  • www.reddit.com/
  • www.slashdot.org/
  • www.folkd.com/
  • www.diigo.com/

If you want quality back links so, don’t waste your time and quickly register there and start posting your business for rapid growth.