How to register and submit a site in delicious


Click the join Delicious button if you don’t have an account.

Join Delicious by using social media platforms login, Like Facebook Twitter Google + or your Email ID. Choose one option and create profile.

For the new user it is a very important section that helps you to register in

Full name


User name

Click sign up button and complete  empty boxes. In the first box type your full name then your email Id, user name and in the end fill in password text box.

Email verification is very important process, without completing it you can’t do any changes in your profile and even can’t submit your promoted websites or share your documents.


Click “Add Link” then copy url and paste in to a “Add a new URL” box.

Title or Keyword

It is major point to get exact benefits for make sure your page search engine and user. In 1996 when Google launch first time introduce title tag, I hope after particular update you don’t need any proof about title .


Without Google every search engine priority of tags, If we talk about second world wide search engine like bing crawl your pages if you add tags.

* Suggestion tags

if you have content related to medical you can bold italic and  underline your synonyms that most important update of 2014.


Comments and reviews inform you that your page is user and search engine friendly.

Privacy setting

You have authority share for the user and search engine, you can make it private.

Social Interaction

After submitted your web page if you want to share your post in to top social media sites just click and sign in if you have their accounts.

This is your final submit report copy and past into your excel sheet with your targeted keyword and url.

Easy way to register and submit your sites using of this article.