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Three rapid strategies quickly Index your webpages

If you have business and want to promote & increase your sales. Now a days two type business promoting strategy business man use. One is call online like social media seo and second is off line means door to door marketing.  At this time best method that everyone use and increase visitor and get target traffic is Social Media Marketing. After using that within second share your product in many customer with complete information and their charges.  Word wide companies target Social network channel for reach targeted audience. There are popular social media channel visit register and run campaign.

1 Facebook:

Now a days Facebook is one most important website that help you sales of your brand. Recently I was reading top social media sites Facebook is No 1 Specially for business point of view. Its monthly active user is 1.23 billion. After introduce of user name it most important for Word wide and local business owners.

Most important point that help to rank in search engine is Likes comments Share image video hash and at tag. Search engine crawl each and every thing and give you Positive feedback. After sharing your page within 4 minutes it will be indexes in Google Database. Suggestion for business companies and brand Use Facebook Plugin and get instant benefits social engagements.

2 Google Plus

 Second most important social media platform is Google Plus. It launch in October 2013 Google introduce it for business owner whose want to share his business in to direct approach. Currently 540 million active user whose use Google plus and use all of them feature. I read some of source Google + Index your pages within seven this is positive point for Optimizer and websites owner. Now Google introduce user name without any charges.

Search engine crawl each sharing as Plus Sharing Handout image comments video audio hash tag and at tag. Now a days Google Places are very important for target location without Google + Account you can’t add your business place. Search Engine Put your business location from Google +. First of all put your business address in to Google + account and make sure it for places user. After these point you will be understand important of Google for quick indexes.

3 Twitter

San Francisco base third World wide social networking websites launch July 2006. It’s popular for Social Media and Microblog. Microblog allow users to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images, or video links. These small messages are sometimes called microposts.. 140 character message call “tweet” recorded tweet 340 million per day count it prove for their importance.

Using of twitter profile you can contact important personality in the world using of twitter verification method. No one social media site have this feature for recognize real person. Keep in mind twitter verify only famous person register brand or company their rules are very stick for verification without real information don’t give you authority of verify user. Your kind information most of the actors singer sport man and political people use twitter. I hope these point are very important for you in role of quick Indexes.