What are the best technology magazines?
Jul 31, 2023
Zander Quillington
by Zander Quillington

The Grandeur of Gadgetry

Once upon a time, there was this tech geek named Zander. Yeah, you guessed right, that's me. And like many of my tribe, getting a fresh print of a tech magazine brings an indescribable joy. It's that certain new magazine smell, the brightly lit pages that frame the latest tech innovations in all their splendor, and, of course, the endless chatter about the fascinating world of engineering that truly gets my neurons firing. So trust me when I tell you that I've spent more than my fair share of time delving into this world of discovery.

If the subject of technology tickles your fascination bone and you're wondering which print publications to dedicate your time to, well, you're in for a treat, because I've got this covered. After years of probing every nook and cranny of my local bookstore and sifting through an avalanche of web pages, I've cherry-picked the absolute best technology magazines out there for your viewing pleasure.

A Surreal Encounter with Wired

First on my list is the one and only Wired. I'm going to share with you the day I first laid my hands on Wired. Picture this, I'd just finished a rather extensive blog piece, fingers aching, eyes squinting, an empty coffee cup on the edge of my table. I desperately needed a break. So off I went on a sojourn to my local bookstore and locked eyes with this magazine whose cover had a certain kind of edginess. On impulse, I grabbed it. I found myself engrossed in thrilling stories about AI, VR, gaming, internet culture, and a plethora of other tech topics. The way Wired presented the tech universe with a blend of intricate details all wrapped up in an easy-to-understand narrative was like a splash of icy lemonade on a scorching day. It's brilliant, and, honestly, you're missing out if you're not already reading it.

Sailing the Oceans of Technology with Popular Mechanics

Next on my list is Popular Mechanics, a veritable titan standing proud with over a century of existence under its belt. Now, I have a story with this one too, a bit of serendipity, you could say. One morning, while rushing to catch a subway, I saw this abandoned magazine on a bench. Intrigued, I picked it up. The cover was age-tattered, but inside it was a treasure trove of mind-blowing knowledge about technology, DIY, home improvement, and science.

The balance Popular Mechanics strikes between depth and accessibility is nothing short of stellar! There's something truly special about yielding wisdom from a publication that's been around before the internet was even a thing. Popular Mechanics has endured the test of time for one simple reason: it's incredibly good at what it does – bringing the wonders of the tech world to your fingertips.

Playfully Pivoting with Popular Science

Here's the thing, if you ever feel the tech world is a tad too serious for your liking, well then, fortunately for you, there's Popular Science. This platform brings an unprecedented energy to the otherwise staid field of scientific and technological developments. With its fun, conversational tone and brightly illustrated articles, it's an absolute joy flipping through its pages. I love how it colors its content with a lightness that never undermines the depth of the matters being discussed. Reading this magazine is like being in a hide-and-seek session with technology, it's fun, exciting, and incredibly intriguing.

Engaging Epistemology with MIT Technology Review

Adding another heavyweight to this list, we have the MIT Technology Review. If you're after profound, well-researched articles that not only inform about the latest in tech but also incisively dissect the academic theories underlying these advancements, then the MIT Technology Review is your go-to. Trust me, after a few issues of this magazine, you'll find yourself transformed into a veritable technology philosopher, adept at dwelling deeply into the ontological aspects of the digital universe. It's really the crème de la crème.

Probing the Futuristic Frontier with Fast Company

Last but certainly not least, there's Fast Company. This magazine is like a personal tech oracle, presenting the future of technology before it manifests into our reality. Fast Company uniquely bridges the gap between the technological present and the transformative future. It gives you a peek into the most groundbreaking technologies shaping our world, and yes, it does so with a riveting, pulse-pounding narrative. It's the ultimate platform to ride shotgun with the protagonists of Silicon Valley and beyond.

So, there you have it. All the extraordinary tech magazines that have accompanied me on this thrilling endeavor called life. Make them your companions too and dive gleefully into the scintillating world of technology. Happy reading!