What is SEO?

SEO Definition

Search Engine Optimization is a way to bring your website on top on major search engines to attract visitors to visit your site by using some organic/natural method. There are many aspects, which we use for doing SEO, to make our web site popular globally.

History of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Started in 1990. After 7 years Danny Sullivan introduced the term like ‘Search Engine Optimization‘. First search query John Audette used for his Multimedia Marketing Group for their targeted page in August. After introducing search engine algorithm’s first version, webmasters decided to use keyword meta tags for optimization. Meta tags guides search engine about each page content. After then keyword density concept come in the Algorithm. Keyword Density cover unrelated phrases that use in content. Larry Page and Sergey Brin launch Google in 1996. In 1998 Page Rank introduced by Google Inc. for Authority websites from 1 to 10. After that algorithm Google announced too many updates to save your web pages from low ranking on search engines specially on Google search engine. These updates includes Google Penguin, Google Panda and Google Hummingbird.


Now let’s try to understand the term “Keywords” with some real world example. If you want to buy a cell phone in USA then as a normal user/googlist you will type “Cell phone In USA” or “Cell phone price In USA” or “iPhone price in USA” or “Windows Phone price in USA”. These are the normal searches that every user can type to buy cell phone or any specific brand cell phone online. These phrases usually called Keywords or Targeted Keywords in Search Engine Optimization campaign. Keywords have different types Broad Keywords, Significant Keywords, Long tail Keywords, Brand Keywords etc. It is very important to think about the different approaches potential customers take when search on web. Customer usually pass from few stages during search, or you can say customer usually pass through these stages from search to purchase. Broad keywords that type of keywords contains one or two words Significant keywords that type of keywords contains two or three words Long tail keywords that type of keywords contains three or more words Brand Keywords that type of keywords contains some specific direct brand name, they are usually shorter Let’s map above example on these keyword types


(1-2 words)


(2-3 words)

Long Tail

(3 or more words)


(exact brand words)

Cell Phone

Best Cell phone

Cell phone in USA


Using long tail keywords is the best approach for better targeting and increased traffic, Long tail keywords normally helps converting from searcher to customer. Short keywords are used either by people browsing or who they already know the brand and looking for some specific known thing. In short, long tail keywords are the fundamental to online success.

Types of SEO

Search engine optimizers uses two types of SEO to get good ranking on targeted keywords on search engines. 1) On Page SEO 2) Off Page SEO

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO, this technique name is very self explanatory and easy to understand in one sentence (Optimization related to specific HTML page), All the HTML page contents (Title, meta tags, keywords, description, headings, keyword density in contents, W3C complaint HTML) optimized using some predefined set of rules is called On page SEO.

What is off page optimization?

Off page optimization is campaign that help you promote your pages out of websites. Just put your URL and Query with your description. Millions of the websites are using this technique of SEO via Back links, Social bookmarking, Directory submission and Forum posting etc.


You should always keep SEO on top priority, and always follow true guidelines and best practices suggested by the industry Gurus. Overlooking the basics of SEO will only make your site’s foundation a crap and stop you from good revenue opportunities.